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April 30, 2010

I still don’t get why people here have to walk in the middle of the road.  And while I’m at it, nor do I understand why pedestrians walk on the side of a busy street when there is a perfectly good pavement next to them.  Fair enough, I concede that sometimes they are forced into the road because the pavement has become a parking lot for the latest restaurant of fashion.

I’m not sure how word gets around, I suspect there must be some websites for the ‘yah’ set who blog about their dining experiences and how much they forked out for a bowl of rice.  Pretty soon a restaurant becomes the place to be seen and spaces by the entrance are decorated by lines of Porsche Cayennes and Range Rovers.  Quality tails off pretty quickly after that and the remainder of the spaces restaurant-side are padded out with Audis and other high powered German machinery.  The shitty French cars are all to be found on the unlit pavement on the other side of the street and the riff raff (myself included) take to the streets.

April 25, 2010

So I’ve got this mate who is as keen as they get when it comes to cycling.  To them, the best start to a day is to get out on the bike and sneak in a few miles before work.  Foul weather or fine, muddy trails and water crossings make no difference, as long as they are out and about on two wheels, that’s what matters.  So, I was particularly taken aback to find they don’t do hills.   Or rather, they do them because they have to, in the same way that you have to finish your Brussels sprouts before you can have desert.



April 23, 2010

My parent’s house has a gate to the front driveway. It isn’t the sort of gate that comes with matching gatehouse or which opens on to a long driveway that winds around the corner to lead to some unseen mansion, it’s the sort of gate that the postman or dustman never bother to close after them. In days long past when the post office managed to get a delivery in before dawn I could roughly gauge when it was time to get up by the whine of the battery driven milk float straining up the hill, accompanied by the rattlling of milk bottles. By the time I heard the rattling cough and wheeze of postman wheeling his bike up the road and dragging the open gate, I knew it was time to be making a move.

woof woof

April 20, 2010

Spring has arrived in Wuhan, we already did the Peach Blossom thing, now we are getting an occasional warm day with clear skies slotted in between three of four days of torrential rain, and winter coats are being shed in favour of more flimsy attire.  And another indicatior of where things stand in the seasons cycle is the number of randy dogs roaming the streets.

snack time

April 16, 2010

Got another supply of weird snacks yesterday.  Every couple of weeks an old lady shows up with a bag of groceries for me.  I have no idea why she gives them to me but she’s been turning up on a regular basis for four years now.  Sometimes the snacks border on edible, particularly if it is late and options are few, but I generally hand them out to the students, who have a palate as refined as a seagull scavenging a refuse decorated beach.